Wheels of Providence

Over the Ironbridge in the Victorian Journal of John Cox Bayliss

John Cox Bayliss (1810-1866), Ironbridge schoolmaster and artist, was born in Madeley in the
crucible of the industrial revolution. At times funny, poignant and heart wrenching, John's journal
begins with marriage in 1830 and takes us through his life's challenges and achievements.

Profusely illustrated with John's drawings of Shropshire and beyond, the Wheels of Providence provides a
personal perspective on industrial, educational, artistic, medical and religious life that will interest readers
concerned with Victorian activities, lifestyles and values.

The journal is written in two volumes, the first in Ironbridge 1830-1845, and the second following a move to London, 1846-1866.

Edited with notes, introduction and genealogies by Mike Fraser